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Sterling Silver Rings for all occasions

Find the best collection of Sterling Silver Rings here. With the latest designs and styles, we have what you're looking for.

Trendsetters Sterling Silver Jewellers in NZ

Silver rings have been cherished for their generational beauty. The most popular ones are silver wedding rings, sterling silver rings for men and beautiful engagement rings. These jewellery pieces of sterling silver hold a special place in everyone’s heart. 

Many people pick out silver rings over other metals because of its classic shine. The versatility of silver rings and sterling silver bracelets is endless. With a range of designs from sleek and minimalistic to intricately adorned with gemstones, our collection has a lot in store for every fashion taste! 

When it comes to a shiny silver wedding ring that showcases your bond with your loved one, our rings are the best. They depict the bond shared between partners and serve as a reminder of the vows exchanged on the special day. 

Sterling silver ring for men must exude masculinity and confidence. These stylish accessories reflect strength, and resilience. Silver and gold engagement rings showcase a lifelong partnership that stays forever.  

925 Sterling Silver Ring for Men & Women: Wear Your Style With Pride

At Stonex, we make sure that we serve you with the best quality products. Our jewellery includes 925 sterling silver chains, silver rings, and earrings. These metals are sourced from certified artisans who craft each piece with exceptional purity and durability. 

925 sterling silver is made up of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloy metals, usually copper. This alloy represents strength and durability. It marks the metal with genuine quality and guaranteed silver accessories. 

Discover our threepence rings, gemstone rings, earrings silver, bracelets and chains for any occasion that deserves to be celebrated. Express your love with our unique women’s silver rings that come in bright zirconia settings, giving the impression of natural diamonds at a fraction of the price!

Your One-Stop-Shop for Silver Jewellery: Buy Silver wedding Ring at Stonex

Shopping for silver rings couldn’t get any better — at Stonex, our exquisite collection comes in the best designs at fairest prices. Explore silver jewellery and designs here. Stay on top of the trends with our meticulously curated classic bands, necklaces chain collection, silver rings, and bracelets

We always will prioritise your needs. With hassle-free shopping experience and providing all details of product guides. Buy a silver sterling ring now and make an everlasting impression. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • In which finger should we wear silver? +

    Sterling Silver is known to have calming and hypoallergenic properties. You can wear silver rings on your little finger, but if it’s an engagement ring or a wedding ring, it must be worn on a specific finger.

  • Can I wear sterling silver rings in water? +

    It’s generally recommended to avoid wearing sterling silver rings in water, especially chlorinated or saltwater. Prolonged exposure to water can speed up tarnishing and potentially damage the ring.

  • Can I resize sterling silver rings? +

    Currently, we provide resizing for a few sterling silver rings. Please refer to the description of the product you wish to purchase.

  • hat are the benefits of sterling silver rings? +

    Discover unique designs of sterling silver rings for men & Women at Stonex Jewellers. Shop now for stylish rings that are perfect for any occasion.

  • How to style a sterling silver ring? +

    A sterling silver ring pairs well with a silver necklace or pendant. It is chic and pleasing to look at. Sterling silver is a premium quality metal that can be worn with almost every jewellery.

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