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FREE Express Delivery on orders $100+ within New Zealand
Available at Checkout

  • What is planned delivery?
  • Order immediately and receive your package on the date and address of your choosing. Please check the calendar for available dates when selecting scheduled delivery during the checkout procedure. The delivery may occur one business day before or after the specified date.

  • Can I change my shipping address?
  • Once the product is in route, it is not always feasible to modify the delivery address or date. You may be able to arrange the delivery of your shipment in the most convenient manner for you by using the web portal of our delivery partners.

  • Ship to a different country/region?
  • It is not feasible to ship to another nation or area. Please place your purchase at the online store of the country/region to which the parcel will be shipped.
    By clicking on the country/region name in the country/region picker menu, you may change the country/region and language.

  • What happened to my package?
  • To track your package, please refer to the shipment confirmation email.
    Whether your item has been delivered, please check to see if someone else at your home has accepted it; otherwise, your parcel may have been left with a neighbour.
    Otherwise, please check your letter box for a delivery attempt notification.
    If you can’t find your package, call Customer Service and give them your order number and tracking number.