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Brilliant Gold Jewellery Of Your Choice

Perfect for everyday wear, our Gold Jewellery Collection is astute. Get some of the best designs at even better prices here.

Gold Jewellery Designed To Perfection

Expressing your style statement can include more than just wearing an average dress. 

Your search for jewellery is going to get much better soon. Get your hands on our top picks that aim to win hearts and minds. 

Our gold jewellery includes bracelets, necklaces, and rings for ladies, and is perfect as an accessory for any event. Whether it’s a business event, a friendly lunch, it goes along with everything. 

From gold rings for women and delicate gold studs to prominent chains, you are going to end up with effortlessly chic accessories for any ensemble you pick. 

Get an Exclusive Range of gold Jewellery

Offering an excellent assortment of genuine gold jewellery, which starts at 9 carats, solid pieces such as 10-carat yellow gold necklaces, pendants, chains, and studs, as well as magnificent gold bracelets, rings, and earrings. 

At Stonex, you can find classic jewellery pieces at the lowest prices starting from $49. Every piece is a testament to fine craftsmanship and makes its way to you after passing the strictest quality checks. 

When looking for the ideal gold wedding ring, Stonex Jewellers is the place for you. Give yourself a little love, or brighten someone else’s day with the ideal gold jewellery, such as a gold diamond ring from Stonex. 

Style Your Jewellery like you desire 

Pair our classic picks with the attire of your choice, whether modern, edgy, traditional, or something you’ve never tried before. 

When hovering around our collection, there’s a lot you can discover. From idiosyncratic gold belcher chains to basic gold earrings, we have got you covered. 

We also showcase a wide range of men’s jewellery, like statement rings, gold chains for men, gold studs, and bracelets that are as unique as the women’s collection. 

In rings, we have a collection worth swooning over – sovereign ring, garnet ring, citrine ring, blue topaz ring, green stone ring, halo ring, proposal rings, ruby engagement rings, among other alluring designs you may be interested in.

Shop The Latest Styles In Gold Jewellery 

At Stonex, we make it a lot easier for you to find the perfect jewellery that fits your purpose. Whether you need it to complement your style statement, need to gift someone or get the ideal pearl engagement ring for your wedding, it’s all here at Stonex. 

We know what designs mean to you, and this is why we keep a fresh inventory of new designs in gold bracelets for women, earrings, chains, and other accessories that are crafted by keeping the latest trends in mind. 

Needless to say, our prices are competitive and are justified according to the quality that our designs guarantee. We take pride in fostering sustainable relationships with our manufacturers and customers that go a long way in making us strive for excellence every day, one at a time.

Gold jewellery is a worthy addition to your wardrobe. Items like women’s watches, dress watches, and gold pearl jewellery, are in our collection. We also keep Guess Jewellery, Dress Jewellery, and 21st Keys that are trending.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is your jewellery gold-plated? +

    Our jewellery is crafted with authentic gold, starting from 9ct. Gold-plated jewellery is different and the base material is usually silver, steel or any other material. All of our gold ornaments are ISO certified and are sourced from leading gold manufacturers in NZ.

  • What is the difference between 10CT and 10KT gold? +

    There is no difference. The term ‘karat’ denoted by the letters ‘k’ or ‘kt’ is the correct one to use when referring to gold. Nevertheless, the term ‘carat’ is used more prominently and abbreviated ‘c’ or ‘ct’ is frequently used in its stead in nations outside of North America. When used correctly, the term ‘carat’ refers to a unit of weight for precious stones.

  • How should I take care of my gold jewellery? +

    Our gold jewellery is highly authentic and must be handled with utmost care. Avoid contact with nail polish removers, perfume, body lotions, harsh chemicals like household cleaners, hairspray as they create abrasions and reduce the lustre for the materials.

    For jewellery with gemstones, it is recommended to take the pieces off while going for swimming, doing dishes or a sports activity. These stones are delicate and could get damaged if knocked or dropped.

    Always store the jewellery in a pouch or in a jewellery box and keep it in a dry place.

  • Are gold and yellow gold different from each other? +

    Yellow gold refers to the yellow shade of gold jewellery, which resembles gold in its pure form. Gold jewellery also comes in shades like white and rose. These are all made from original gold.

  • Do men wear gold jewellery daily? +

    Unless you have a metal allergy, it is highly unlikely that you can’t wear gold jewellery daily. Women and men both can wear gold jewellery everyday.

  • What if my gold jewellery breaks or gets damaged? +

    Take it to a nearby jeweller for repair. Depending on the extent of damage, they can solder, reshape, or replace parts as needed.

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