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Charming Ladies Watches

Explore our collection of stylish ladies watches. Shop trendy & affordable women's watches for every occasion

Elegance Meets Precision: Stylish Women’s Watches

Our women’s watches NZ combine classic style with advanced technology, creating a timepiece that’s both stylish and modern. 

Discover the elegant world of women’s wrist watches and experience the ultimate blend of toughness & charm.

Built for Adventures: Ladies Watches NZ 

Designed for active womens, our watches feature rugged construction, water resistance, and precise movement, making them perfect for any adventure. 

Our women’s watch is an engineered watch that is designed to withstand water, vibrations, and extreme temperatures, made especially for women. Whether looking for a sports watch, or a dailywear, these will make an excellent reliable companion for you.

Shop Ladies Watches With Elegance 

Our classic women’s watches exude confidence and elegance, making them a versatile accessory for any occasion. Shop for ladies watches here online. Buy the best designs at reasonable prices. 

Modern Marvels: Best Women’s Watches NZ  

Our contemporary women’s watches NZ showcase cutting-edge design, advanced features, and precise engineering, making them a statement piece for any modern woman. With precision cr tsmanship, our collection of women’s watches are attention to detail. We assure you of a high-quality timepiece that’s built to last. 

Latest Designs & Chic Charm: Watches for Womens

Experience the luxury of a high-quality watch without the hefty price tag, making our timepieces an accessible indulgence for any woman. 

At Stonex Jewellers, you can get a curated selection of watches that will accompany your style. As a trusted retailer of authentic Baby-G watches, Ladies watches NZgold ladies watches and more, we promise to make you trust Stonex Jewellers. 

Stonex Jewellers also brings you the best variety of Casio watches for women that perfectly blends your tastes with your lifestyle choices. Also checkout the collection of leather strapped watches for men & women


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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What type of watches do women prefer the most? +

    Baby-G watches are the type of watches that women mostly prefer. These watches feature a sporty and casual look. These women’s watches are very elegant and give confidence to women. 

  • What type of watch goes best with a dress? +

    If you are wearing a casual dress, go with a leather strapped black watches. But if you are going for a formal, classy and durable look then go for a stainless steel watch

  • Why should women wear a watch? +

    Women should wear a watch not because they are stylish and trending. Watches are useful tools and can help lead a time managed lifestyle.