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Top Bridal Jewellery NZ Trends in 2024

It’s almost autumn and with the long, sunny days means the start of the busy wedding season! With that being said, we bring the top trends in stunning bridal jewellery NZ

Bridal ornaments have more to them than just wedding rings. Brides love a variety of dressing up options, including gold earrings, bracelets and gold necklaces, to complement their wedding bands. 

Whether you’re drawn to vintage fashion or want a beach wedding aesthetic, these trends offer a wide range of options. 

Diamond Bliss

In 2024, diamonds will reign as the primary symbol of eternal love and devotion. Bridal ensemble looks best in exquisite diamond jewellery, with exquisitely designed gold necklaces, bracelets and earrings. 

While some brides want to go with opulence, some swear by minimalism and let’s be honest — both look amazing! In both style preferences, a diamond pendant or a dazzling gold bracelet can add a touch of elegance.

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Perfect pearls

Be the bride that looks straight out of a dream. Pearls are making a comeback to the bridal jewellery trend and we’re here for it. 

Finally, we’ll see a break in traditional fibres as pearls get new details in chokers, statement earrings, cuffs and headpieces. 

Brides are sophisticated and graceful and choose stunning pearl necklaces, earrings and wedding rings

From traditional knots to contemporary accents, pearls give a bride’s dress a timeless elegance, evoking memories of romance and adventure. 

Most importantly, colour coordination is crucial when pairing pearls with the overall outfit. You may want a silver choker or silver earrings with pearls,or a simple look with a pearl gold necklace.

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Gold headband pieces

Adding a touch of luxury to bridal hairstyles, gold headband pieces are emerging as a major trend in 2024 and beyond. 

While the headband extends simplicity to complement other jewellery hairstyles embrace elegance with stunning flowers and sparkling pearls.

You can make a custom headband or shop one online. Make sure it doesn’t stand out from the rest of your jewellery and blends with your dream look. 

Diamond Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

Apart from their stylish design, elaborate diamond gold rings make a bold statement, enveloping the finger in a brilliant sparkle. 

Ideal for pairing with simple and elegant wedding dresses for strapless gowns, these gold wedding rings will add balance and elegance to a bridal outfit. 

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Statement Hoops

Bold and versatile, gold hoop earrings transcend conventional bridal jewellery, offering brides timeless elegance and modern allure. 

Suitable for a variety of styles and personalities, hoop earrings are destined to become cherished heirlooms, worn with pride for years to come.

Not only can hoops complement your veil but accentuate your face. You can choose between snug, small hoops or oversized hoops in silver and 9ct gold.

Complete Your Bridal Look With Stonex Jewellers

Following trends is one thing, but your personal taste matters. Want to know what to buy for your wedding? Give a read to this wedding shopping guide.

Whether adorning yourself with the radiance gold jewellery, or the timeless sophistication of pearls and diamonds, you have an abundance of options. This is your sign to be the bride/groom you’ve always dreamed of!

As the wedding season unfolds, these Bridal Jewellery NZ trends promise to elevate the joy and splendour of matrimonial celebrations, ensuring that every bride feels resplendent on her special day. 

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