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How to Choose Best Bridal Jewellery Online

Life’s a book of cherishable moments — that we live throughout our journey.

And you’re all set to turn the next page with your partner. 

As exciting as it is, it also means you have to prepare for your big day. 

As you come closer to finalising most of the stuff, you may realise you’re left with lesser time. But no need to panic. 

Let’s start with bridal jewellery NZ.

If you haven’t picked one, it’s time you shortlist some options. 

If you’re the lucky bride, we have just the range you’d love to have as your bridal jewellery set for wedding. We also have some recommendations for the would-be grooms. 

Let’s begin, shall we?

How to Choose Bridal Jewellery

So, what jewellery should a bride wear? There can be so many answers, depending on your style statement and preferences for the big day. 

If you’re shopping for jewellery for groom or jewellery for bridesmaids, you can also get a single order from a site or shop that you like. This gives you a chance to get discounted prices. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Bridal Jewellery Online

1. Style and Theme

Selecting the right jewellery that aligns with your wedding theme and attire is crucial. Whether you’re opting for a traditional look or a modern style, your jewellery should complement and accentuate your overall appearance.

2. Budget

Setting a budget for your bridal jewellery is a smart move. It ensures that you have a clear spending limit and helps you explore options within your financial comfort zone.

3. Material and Quality

Understanding the materials used in the jewellery pieces and assessing their quality is essential. Ensure that the jewellery is made from genuine materials and is of high quality to make a lasting investment.

Types of Bridal Jewellery

Wedding accessories add to your overall charm and don’t let your ensemble go incomplete. The right choice of such accessories can even draw eyes and 

1. Wedding Rings in NZ

This has to be your #1 priority in wedding shopping. The only thing being, that you need enough time and consideration to land on the right option. 

Your wedding ring is not just a manifestation of your love, but your enduring commitment to it. If you have any designs in mind, make a note of them. Then, set a budget and choose the material you want. 

Since they’re meant to be worn for a lifetime, women’s and men’s wedding bands are crafted with Gold and Silver. These metals are hypoallergenic, but the only difference is of value and maintenance. 

Gold is more preferable owing to its durability and ever-lasting shine. 9ct gold wedding rings, with or without diamond are among the top choices for brides and grooms worldwide.

2. Bridal sets

Though in a general sense, bridal sets may mean overall jewellery for your hands and face. 

Here, we’re talking about bridal ring sets, that come as a two-piece set of rings for your wedding. 

A great part about these is that you get an engagement ring along with a band for the day of the wedding — thus saving you another trip to the jeweller. 

Checkout our Gold rings from the engagement collection. 

3. Necklaces & Chains

If you’re wearing an elaborate gown or a dress with a sweet neckline, never miss out on a necklace! Trust us, a necklace makes the entire difference. 

Gold Chain Necklace NZ is a statement piece, framing the face and enhancing the bridal attire. From delicate chains to bold statement necklaces, the options are vast. 

Consider the neckline of your dress when choosing. V-neck dresses pair well with pendant necklaces, while strapless dresses complement chokers or layered necklaces.

4. Earrings

There are so many ways earrings can be the star of your wedding outfit. First off, they accentuate the face and hairstyle. If you select appropriate earrings, they can also complement your dress. 

Usually, brides choose chandelier earrings, among other elaborate options. But you can even pair your wedding gown with dainty studs if you want a more etheral look and don’t want them to outshine your features.

When you have a bigger wedding gown, you can choose something sleek. In case of a skin-fitting wedding dress, a bigger option may look better. 

Upswept hairdos go well with longer earrings, while studs suit shorter hair or elaborate updos. After all, an iconic bridal jewellery set in New Zealand is complete after earrings.

And also, consider your face shape and hairstyle in advance before shopping for gold earrings or diamond ones. 

5. Watches

Maybe an underrated fact, but watches are worn by brides and grooms for their big day. 

Opt for a classic and elegant design that complements your bridal attire. 

Consider matching the watch’s strap color with other jewellery for a cohesive look. It’s a subtle yet meaningful addition to your overall ensemble.

Added to that, you can even gift your partner a watch for your wedding day — it would make for a thoughtful choice. 

6. Bracelets 

If you go by style more than anything, bracelets are the absolute accessory you need. 

They can range from delicate chains to ornate cuffs. But, always consider the sleeve length of your dress when choosing. 

Short sleeves or sleeveless dresses allow for more versatility in bracelet styles. 

Stackable bracelets or a single statement piece, both can be captivating choices.

Shop the Finest Bridal Jewellery in Auckland

At Stonex Jewellers, we understand that your bridal jewellery is more than just pretty pieces—it’s a symbol of your love story and a mark of your personal style. 

Our carefully curated collection of bridal jewellery in Auckland is crafted to capture the essence of this beautiful journey. 

From engagement rings that mark the start of your forever to wedding bands representing your everlasting bond, we offer timeless craftsmanship.

Let us assist you in finding the perfect pieces to adorn you on your special day. Shop Gemstone & diamond wedding rings for your big day. Your path to ‘I do’ begins with Stonex Jewellers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does bridal jewellery cost?

Bridal jewellery sets, a popular choice for weddings, can range from NZD 200 to NZD 3000 or more. Prices may fluctuate based on the type of metal used, gemstones, intricacy of design, and the brand. But remember, you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket for bridal jewellery. Any item that comes within your range and looks amazing is the one.

  1. Why bridal jewellery should be in gold?

Gold symbolises purity, prosperity, and enduring love, making it a perfect choice for weddings. It can complement various skin tones and bridal attires make it a sought-after metal. Additionally, gold is known for its long-lasting quality and enduring value, making it a significant investment for such a significant occasion like a wedding.