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Pikorua (Twist) Birthday Key with Removable Stand

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Product Description

Pikorua (Twist) Birthday Key with Removable Stand

21 is the age that a person in New Zealand is classed as an adult, and the giving of the 21st key is a strong New Zealand tradition to symbolize opening the door of maturity and becoming an adult. Alternatively, the giving of a key is a symbol of the limitless doors they can open in their life.

In Maori culture the Pikorua represents the enduring connection between people and cultures. Its design derives from the piko piko fern whose fronds curl around and envelope one another.

In its single (figure eight) form the Pikorua represents the eternal bond between two individuals. The shape has no beginning or end and symbolises the two life paths that may move apart for a while but always come back together again. The double and triple twist forms represent the relationship between different peoples, cultures and whanau (family).

In all its forms the Pikorua signifies an eternal binding together between two parties. It represents friendship, love, family, togetherness, loyalty and epitomises the strength and beauty of loving, enduring relationships.

The key is crafted from recycled Native New Zealand Rimu veneerboard, medium density fibreboard (mdf), Gaboon veneer plywood and embellished with NZ Paua shell.

There is a space for laser engraving which we can do if you want to personalise the Key by adding name and something one wish. (picture of engraving example attached)

The colour shade may vary due to the natural wood variations.

Product Details:

  • Wood: Tulip Hardwood
  • Colour Finish: Natural Stain
  • Carving: Laser Cut & Engraved
  • Shell: NZ Paua Shell
  • Size: 58cm x 29cm x 2.5cm (LxHxW)
  • Construction: Solid
  • Made In New Zealand

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