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Casio Bedside Table Alarm Clock – TQ369-7D

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Product Description

Casio Bedside Table Alarm Clock – TQ369-7D

2 Years Manufactures Warranty

Technical Specifications

  • Microlight
    A built-in light illuminates the watch face from the side.
  • Neo-display
    A luminous coating provides long-term illumination in the dark after only a short exposure to light.
  • Bell alarm
    Instead of a normal alarm bleep, the striking “ringing” of a mechanical alarm is heard.
  • Snooze feature
    Each time you stop the alarm, it sounds again after a few minutes.
  • Acrylic Glass
    The acrylic is easy and relatively unbreakable.
  • Resin case
    The resin housing is the ideal everyday companion. It is durable, lightweight and relatively insensitive to cold, heat or other external influences.
  • 1 year — 1 battery
    The battery supplies the watch with sufficient energy for approx. one year.
  • Dimensions (H x W x D)
    116,00mm x 130,00mm x 90,00mm
  • Weight
    approx. 265,00 g

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