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Wedding Jewellery Checklist: Style Your Jewellery for the Big Day


The dress, the location,the gold wedding rings,  the flowers – there’s a lot that goes into preparing your dream wedding, including your bridal jewellery and accessories. 

Your wedding jewellery selection is an important aspect of designing a bridal look that you adore and represents your unique style and personality.

Discover our best tips for styling your wedding day jewellery look, as well as jewellery and accessory ideas for the groom, bridesmaids, and family members who will be present on your big day.

Wedding Day Essentials for Bride

Your wedding jewellery, like your wedding dress, should be a true representation of your style and make you feel your best. 

While trends may be a terrific source of inspiration, it’s more crucial to select things that feel like you, have an emotional connection to, and something you can imagine yourself wearing again after the wedding. 

After all, what makes jewellery unique is the opportunity to wear it repeatedly as a tangible reminder of life’s most important occasions.

Your wedding day jewellery is an excellent chance to bring in ‘something old’ and ‘something borrowed’, such as treasured family jewellery pieces or preferred styles borrowed from a loved one. You may even include your bridal jewels into your something blue’. 

Sapphire, tanzanite, aquamarine, and blue topaz are timeless and adaptable gemstones, especially if the setting complements your other white or yellow gold jewellery.

The possibilities for your ‘something new’ are limitless in terms of jewellery. Here are some of our fave bridal jewellery ideas.

Pearl bridal jewellery: pearls are timeless and elegant, and they look great with white, ivory, and champagne wedding dresses. Keep things simple with a delicate pearl bracelet, or add a bold pearl drop earring for added sparkle.

Diamond bridal jewellery

Now, if we’re talking about diamond engagement rings, make sure to team them up with another diamond jewellery item or two on your wedding day. The more, the better! 

A pair of diamond solitaire studs or hoops is timeless and will enhance your look without being overpowering. If you want bridal jewellery that stands out, a diamond tennis bracelet or sterling silver necklaces are timeless and luxurious options.

Gold bridal jewellery

Keep it basic and allow your engagement and gold wedding rings to take centre stage with simple yellow, white, or rose gold bridal jewellery. 

White gold is the most adaptable hue to match with your ceremonial rings and any dress colour, whilst yellow gold provides traditional warmth and looks well with white, cream, or champagne wedding gowns. 

Rose gold is beautiful and distinctive, adding a hint of blush to your wedding attire. 

Try a solid bangle or a simple chain bracelet in gold to draw attention to your ceremonial rings without overwhelming them; or wear a pair of gold earrings for a modern touch.

Bridesmaid styling

Whether you want your bridesmaids to wear exactly identical jewels or let them select from a theme, here are some excellent bridesmaid jewellery ideas for timeless style that will enhance the bride’s appearance.

Matching items worn in different places: keep your bridesmaids’ appearance consistent while offering a new twist on matching. 

Find a collection of matching jewellery types that you adore, and have each of your bridesmaids wear a different item, such as a pearl necklace, earrings, or bracelet. 

With that being said, don’t be afraid to pair this with a freshwater pearl bracelet, threader earrings, and necklace for a cohesive yet unique look.

Different items that match a theme: Allow your bridesmaids to select pieces that reflect their particular style, but ensure they all appear coherent and compliment your wedding design. Give your bridesmaids a definite motif to pick from, such as beautiful rose gold jewellery, delicate diamond clusters, or a particular gemstone.

The identical item, but with a different feature stone. A lovely idea to recognise your bridesmaids’ individuality is to choose the same jewellery type with a variety of jewels from which they may select. 

For example, our line of exquisite birthstone bracelets – like this sapphire one – are available in each of your bridesmaids’ birthstones, creating a unified look with subtle points of variation.

Groom jewellery and wedding accessories should be basic and traditional, with a few essential items that are popular.

Cufflinks: Cufflinks are a classic complement to formal attire, such as your wedding suit. Keep them timeless and simple to highlight your suit and accents, or if you want to make a bigger statement, try cufflinks embellished with black diamonds or another elaborate set.

A watch is a classic men’s accessory that you may use to complete your wedding day look. It’s essential to pick a dress watch for this special event, and one that complements your wedding ring to ensure cohesive elegance. 

A men’s watch in stainless steel, black-toned stainless steel, or black ceramic or leather, will ideally suit a white gold, silver or Ziro black wedding ring. A watch in gold-toned stainless steel looks great with a yellow gold wedding ring. You can also explore in Casio watches gold, both modern and vintage designs 

Wedding Day Jewellery for Mother of the Bride & Groom

The mother of the bride and mother of the groom have a lot of leeway when it comes to selecting jewellery for the wedding. Here are a couple of our preferred selections for the wedding party, with additional meaning as you celebrate this occasion with your loved ones.

Statement gemstone earrings

The best method to add elegance to your look, no matter your type of dress or attire, is an eye-catching set of earrings. Choosing a style with your son’s or daughter’s gemstone will make it much more meaningful.

Symbolic necklace

A necklace is a lovely accessory that will complement any outfit. You may make it a significant item for this particular occasion by picking a symbolic love heart or infinity pendant, the bride and groom’s initials, or a gemstone with significance that resonates with you.

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