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Top 5 Iconic Men’s Watches NZ


Life has its fair share of ordinary moments and extraordinary moments. For the men who add the “extra” in ordinary, every day is full of passion, spontaneity and style. 

And what better way to spruce it all up than with a wristwatch for men that speaks for his bold personality and charming aura!

If you’re the kind of man who takes his watch game seriously, this blog is just for you. Read further to discover the top brands and models in men’s wristwatches and find the right style for you. Off you go!

Mens Watch NZ: Must-Haves for Every Man

We’ve made a list of all the watch brands that you’d find versatile/classy/showstopping or any other effect you want to have on people who admire you. Here are some of the top picks.

Nixon Watches

From crashing parties to taking lessons at the golf club, there’s no event where a Nixon watch could go wrong. With their smooth design and durable build, Nixon watches are more than mere timepieces; they’re an announcement of self assurance and style. 

Whether you are hitting the waves, exploring the town streets, or surely putting out with pals, a Nixon watch effect blends into any event, adding a hint of class to your look. 

With its precision engineering and meticulous crafting, you can expect your Nixon watch to keep up with your lively lifestyle, making sure that you always live on time and in fashion, no matter in which your adventures take you.

Seiko watches

Kiwis love Seiko watches, and something tells us that this love isn’t blind. When you’re talking about durability, design and precision, you’re getting the best of these with a Seiko watch. 

This Japanese brand has a great selection of timepieces for men, especially their collections Seiko Presage and Seiko Coutura. They both boast the perfect balance of mechanical excellence and aesthetic detail, making it one of the top contenders in Seiko watches for men.

Another thing you get is that the price point in Seiko watches is beyond justified. Their starting range is $329 and you can get a dapper watch between $350-400. 

G-Shock Watch

The time when you’re out fishing, swimming, or any adventurous activity you have in mind, this watch will have your back. 

This is the epitome of a wristwatch for men, as it has all the features you could ask for. Backlight? You got it. Custom alarm system? You got it. A superior solar-power charging mechanism and waterproof abilities? You got them too!

Recently, G-Shock watches come with even more eccentric designs that make them all the more desirable. And the best part? The price is so good it’s hard to not buy it! 

A basic G-Shock watch can be just $179 while you can shop for as high as you want, with the $2100 piece having the best-in-class Chronograph and other features you can’t miss out on. Try our G Shock Watches NZ For Sale and find your perfect watch.


Although this brand needs no introduction, Casio has solidified its position in the watch world as a symbol of innovation, reliability and versatility. 

Known for its iconic G-Shock as mentioned above, Casio watches NZ are hailed for their rugged durability and shock resistance, and the mindful consideration of adventure enthusiasts and athletes in making its signature models.

Casio watches for men like Casio Edifice and Pro Trek, offer a diverse collection catering to various lifestyle needs. 

If there’s ever a watch that can be worn anywhere, it’s Casio. Now, the brand has started to embrace smartwatch technology, integrating features like Bluetooth connectivity and fitness tracking into its product line. 

With a brand that sets a standard for excellence in the watchmaking industry, you can be assured that you’d get nothing but the best!


 Known for their reliability and style, Citizen timepieces are the go-to choice for many. With a blend of classic designs and modern technology, these watches offer both sophistication and practicality. 

Whether you’re heading to the office or out for a night on the town, a Citizen watch adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. Plus, with their eco-friendly innovations, you can feel good about wearing one on your wrist.

Other Hot Picks in Men’s Watches NZ

Lorus watches

Minimalistic, classic, and dare we say, effortless? Lorus watches are best known for their minimalist charm and ageless appeal, providing the ideal blend of simplicity and sophistication. 

These timepieces look well with every outfit, from casual to dressy, thanks to their sleek lines, simple dials, and durable construction. 

Whether you’re going to work, visiting friends for brunch, or attending a special event, a Lorus watch adds a touch of refined elegance to your outfit without overpowering it.

Guess watches for men

The most mind blowing, dazzling designs there could ever be. For the man who’s not afraid to be a maximalist, and loves fashion unapologetically.

Guess watches, with their striking designs, eye-catching embellishments, and superb craftsmanship, will turn heads wherever you go. 

If you like to go all bedazzled, they’ve stone-studded watches that ooze luxury and opulence. Not only do they look good on a party outfit but can also rock with a baggy hoodie or a shirt. 

Dress watches for men

Now we’re talking about luxury mens watches nz! A dress watch, whether with a classic leather strap or a sleek stainless steel band, gives a touch of elegance to any outfit, demonstrating your great taste and discriminating eye for quality. 

Whether you’re going to a wedding, a business meeting, or a black-tie event, dress watches for men are the perfect way to complement your ensemble with simple refinement.

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