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Top 10 Gold jewellery designs this year 

Fashion fades, but style is eternal. This statement stands true for almost every styling tale. But when it comes to curating your jewellery box, it is hard to choose. Its timeless pieces can serve you for a lifetime. It’s worth remembering that some jewellery never goes out of style. So don’t haste into it. We’re here to guide you into some of the trendiest jewellery sales online in New Zealand. 

Gold jewellery is always the right choice for you to invest in as well as style with. Gold rings for women are always a sophisticated choice. So is a gold bracelet or a chain. We understand how looking for a versatile piece of gold jewellery can be time-consuming. They are for every occasion, after all. 

So, we’re here to make it a lot easier for you. We’re listing the top 10 gold pieces of jewellery that are trending this year. 

Gold Diamond Cluster Ring

Gold rings are effortlessly classy. The cluster design is so trendy nowadays because it’s modern. Gold diamond rings are so loved and adored. These are instantly recognizable and look fascinating. They will suit your personality.  

Gold Heart-shaped Diamond Pendant 

Everyone loves these modern classics. Gold pendants and necklaces are very popular in today’s world. They come in designs that look perfect. This gold chain design for women is one of the best. Gold chain necklaces are very light and weightless to wear and can be easily maintained. 

Gold 3 Stone Citrine Ring with Diamonds

It’s celebrated for its simplicity. Women’s gold rings are one of the most sought-after pieces of jewellery in every woman’s collection. They look sassy and stunning. You can always pair them up with any outfit, especially for an occasion. Not only this, but stone rings are very easy to maintain. 

Gold Belcher Chain

Belcher chains are getting trendy again. They look chic and stylish, and they are very easy to maintain. These chains are for every occasion. You can buy these if you want a decent look for the evening. 

Gold Emerald Cut Natural Ruby Dress Ring 

These are some of the most popular choices for women’s rings. It is a slender design, but it can never be underestimated. These rings live up to the expectations of today’s jewellery lovers. They are non-dramatic and not very loud for daily wear. This 9-karat gold ring goes straight up with the latest trends. 

Gold Ball Stud Earrings

Everyone’s favourite jewellery is gold ball stud earrings. They are one of the most contemporary designs that there are. These earrings are one of the most trending gold earrings for women and one of the most searched for. 

Gold Zirconium Rings 

This yellow gold ring for men Zirconium rings are the best options to look out for. With iconic designs that are opulent, these are many pieces of gold accessories that will be in popularity in 2024. Pick one of the best men’s rings in New Zealand. if you’re looking for something independent to wear. Perfect for light looks and occasions. 

Gold Chain Bracelet 

Gold chain bracelets deserve to go in your collection because they are over the top. Gold bracelets for women and men are iconic and a true investment piece. These delicate bracelets come in various designs and patterns. 

Gold Natural Emerald & Diamond Half Eternity Ring

One of the most vibrant-looking rings comes with a good reason. This gold ring for women is an easy-to-wear piece. The sleek design and emerald pop colour always choose to impress. It is one of those things that lasts a lifetime. Get your hands on this before it’s too late. 

Wedding Band with Diamond Cut Bark Cross Finish

This wedding band is without a doubt one of the trendiest selections. This piece of gold for men is stylish. Gold bands are one of the latest trends today and can be worn every day. 
This list of popular gold accessories will help you look out for more trendy designs in the future. For now, gold jewellery has become a staple for everyone. If you are in the mood to buy authentic, premium-quality jewellery, make sure to check out Stonex Jewellers. The collection of rings, bracelets, chains, and earrings here is amazing.