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The Perfect Baby Shower Gift List

Have you been invited to baby showers recently? Great. If you haven’t decided on a gift yet, feel free to get some inspiration from our baby shower gift guide.

And while it’s best to think your gift should be purposeful, you may want your gift to be different than other guests’. Of course, everyone thinks of gifting onesies, bodysuits, baby blankets and other handovers. You can try thinking beyond these with items of durability and quality. 

We present to you our special collection of gifts for occasions like these. You can expect popular options like Maori carvings NZ to delicate jewellery for the baby. 

Let’s read further, shall we?

Wall clocks in NZ

Wall clocks are a classic addition to home decor and a durable gift that the couple may choose to display in the baby’s room. 

With their vibrant design and often unique traditional patterns, these watches add an appealing aesthetic to a baby’s room. 

Not only do they help keep track of time, but they are also educational tools, introducing babies to the concept of time in a fun way. In addition, they can be symbols, welcome reminders of how a child’s journey begins in a culturally rich environment.

The Maori Key

If the couple is blessed with their first child, the 1st key would be the perfect gift. It could also be gifted if it’s the baby’s first birthday. 

Māori 1st, 18th and 21st keys are not only beautiful pieces of jewellery but also have deep cultural significance. 

They represent the richness of Maori heritage and traditions, making them meaningful gifts for babies. Māori keys are often decorated with intricate designs and symbols that tell stories of lineage and connection to the land. 

Gifting a Maori key to a newborn child celebrates their heritage and instils a sense of cultural pride from an early age.

Maori Designs and Collections

Although 21st Maori Wooden Keys are quite popular in NZ, it’s also the Maori collectibles and beautiful works of art that add a touch of elegance and cultural heritage.

Each piece of art tells a story, often based on Māori mythology and tradition, and provides not only decorative objects but also educational tools. 

These sculptures are a beautiful reminder of the rich cultural fabric in which a baby is born, instilling an appreciation for diversity and tradition from an early stage in life. 

This traditional Maori carving will be the ideal gift for the couple as it symbolises fertility and prosperity — a blessing for the expectant parents!

Jesus Figurine & Statue

What’s better than blessing the baby with the presence of the lord himself? A Jesus statue is a timeless and meaningful gift for a baby’s indulgence, a symbol of love, guidance and protection. It is a spiritual reminder and can be comforting in the baby’s room. 

The statue of Jesus should be a cherished souvenir, representing the values ​​of faith and compassion that parents hope to instil in their children as they embark on life’s journey. 

Baby Bracelets

Last but not the least, this gift will sway over the couple’s hearts! Baby gold bracelets are delicate and beautiful objects that hold sentimental value for both parent and child.

Often adorned with precious stones or personalised engravings, these rings are a favourite keepsake marking milestones in a baby’s life. 

Gifting the couple a gold bangle as a baby shower gift is not only a symbol of love and affection but also a symbol of blessings and good wishes for the future of the baby.

Cross Gifts

Crosses hold deep spiritual significance and symbolise faith and security. Whether displayed hanging on a wall or placed beside a bed, a cross serves as a constant reminder of God’s presence and love. 

The gift of the cross at an infant’s baptism is a symbol of blessing and hope, signifying the child’s desire to grow up surrounded by faith and guided by divine grace. 

Take a look at this detailed cross pendant in 9ct gold. We also have a similar design in 925 Sterling silver pendant. A timeless and heartfelt gift of great significance for the child and family, indeed.

Choose the Best Gift for Baby Shower In Auckland

When it comes to choosing the perfect gift for a baby shower, Stonex Jewelers offers an amazing range. From exquisite baby bracelets to beautifully carved Maori crafts, they offer unique gifts with style and spirit. 

Whether you are drawn to the timeless beauty of the Jesus statue or the 21st Maori Wooden Key to culture, each tells a story and has a special meaning. With their curated selection, you’re sure to find a gift that celebrates the happy occasion in a memorable way.

Buy the latest styles at Stonex Jewellers and claim your free shipping on orders > $100. Happy Gift Shopping!