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Style Matters: What Your Jewellery Says About Your Personality

Jewellery is probably one of the first things people notice about you. Add it to your sense of fashion, and anyone would be able to guess your personality. That chunky gold chain — maybe you’re all about sophistication and regality. Perhaps a sleek necklace with a gold cross pendant — a bit religious yet chic. The examples are endless. 

No matter what you want to show the world, self-expression is never better achieved than with jewellery. However, in a world of fleeting trends, your quest to maintain true self-expression can sometimes become elusive.

But you don’t have to end up with clichés; let us be your style guide and walk you through some of the relevant and unique jewellery pieces that’ll do your wardrobe justice. 

Personality Types: What Represents You Best 

Years ago, we used to define ourselves with only two types of personalities, namely introvert and extrovert. However, as we’ve evolved, you’ll see that personality tendencies are far more nuanced and intricate than just these simple categories. 

Today, we recognise a myriad of personality types, such as INTJ, ENFP, and ISFJ, each with its own distinct traits and characteristics. 

Some individuals may lean towards a more reserved, calm, and decisive disposition (INTJ and ISFJ), while others embrace an extroverted, self-expressing, and spontaneous nature (ENFP). 

No matter where you fall on this spectrum, you can always find jewellery that complements and matches the nuances of your unique fashion statement

Top Fashion Styles for Every Personality: Jewellery for Men & Women

Here are some of the trending and Instagram-worthy styles for accessories that you can incorporate.  

1. The Boho Vibe

Image credit: Gencraft

Embrace the boho vibe, a carefree and expressive style that celebrates individuality. Boho jewellery reflects this whimsical spirit with earthy tones, natural materials, and vibrant gemstones. Mix and match layered gold necklaces, chunky belcher bracelets, and oversized rings for an effortless, bohemian chic look that tells your unique story.

Check out our Ziro black rings that are the right balance of simple and a bit boho. 

2. The Minimalist Appeal

Image credit: Gencraft

Simplicity speaks volumes, and for the minimalist modernist, less is always more. Clean lines, geometric shapes, and sleek metallic finishes define this style. Delicate gold rings, dangling gold earrings, and understated necklaces are your go-to choices. The beauty lies in simplicity, as it allows your personality and confidence to shine through effortlessly. For this type of ensemble, you can always choose flats, sneakers or simple boots that don’t overpower your jewellery.

3. Elegance Galore

Image credit: Bing

If you swear by pearls and a dainty lifestyle defines you the best, then you are a chic, elegant person. A pearl necklace will do wonders with a beige or plain solid colours including black, pink, blue, and others. Consider a two-piece set of gold hoop earrings or simple studs to complete the sanguine look.

4. Vintage Romance

Image credit: Bing

Nothing compares to vintage-inspired accessories. With many ensembles, vintage watches and jewellery turn out to be a classy addition. You could put on a Citizens watch with a simple t-shirt and loose-fitting pants, completing the look with Crocs or stylish sneakers. If old money is your aesthetic, choose medium-fitting pants and loafers. Also, take a look at our Vintage Casio Watches which are just what you need. 

5. The Sporty Look

Image credit: Gencraft

This is all about embracing comfort, athleticism, and a touch of edginess in your style. It’s for those who love a casual yet trendy and energetic vibe in their outfits. Whether you’re heading to the gym, running errands, or simply want a confident tone to your outfit, you’ll always look the best version of yourself with a sporty dressing style.

Add a Casio G Shock Watch to your cargo pants and an edgy printed t-shirt. You can also pair it with a chunky silver necklace chain for a dash of sparkle.

6. The Boss Babe

Image credit: Bing

A lot of people tend to under-dress when it comes to office attire. We say it’s an opportunity to exhibit your determination to achieve your goals and your tremendous potential with the correct accessories. However, you might not want to overdo it. A bejewelled Guess watch with gold stud earrings is just the match. Spruce it up with a nice pendant necklace, your usual office attire, and some beige pumps. Also try layering silver or gold necklaces for a more refined look.

7. Gen Z Aura

Image credit: Bing

Generation Z is ruling the world with their unique taste in style and gender-fluid fashion preferences. You can hop on the Gen-Z bandwagon with a pair of relevant accessories like a Casio digital watch, a beaded necklace, and a sleek gold chain. You can also add some Y2K jewellery to double the fun. Check out our heart padlock Sterling silver bracelet, our best in Y2K yet.

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