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Gifting Tradition of the 21st Key 

21st Keys are gifts that are made to impress. Among other gifting ideas specifically curated to make someone feel special, wooden 21st Keys are at the top. They are perfect for gifting and nurturing your relationship with your loved ones.   

Now imagine the perfect hour when you are gifting someone a present that they very much adore– that is what 21st Keys are for. They make that moment come to life. That’s their specialty!

Choosing a 21st key is easy but choosing the right one is a time consuming task. And yet you don’t need to worry about it. We think we have what you need. 

Among many other options, 21st keys generally have three categories:

Mirror 21st Keys: They are sleek, modern and glossy. These perfectly blend with the interiors of a home or an office. A mirror 21st Key symbolises one’s gracious first steps into adulthood that also come with more responsibilities. These key designs have patterns that make them even more traditional. These keys carry personal value, emotions, and even have personalised messages carved into them. Mirror finish keys exude sophistication and modernity. They are a popular choice for the youth. 

Wooden 21st Keys: Wooden keys as compared to glass ones, are more durable. They can be preserved for generations because of their strength and material. These keys look more traditional and rustic. The wood is sturdy and strong which makes it a popular choice for many. Whichever key you choose, remember it must resonate with the receiver’s personality and wish them very best for their upcoming journey. 

Maori Wood Key Collection: The traditional significance of presenting an authentic 21st Key is an ethereal part of New Zealand culture. These standard Maori keys are of grand importance as they represent their cultural heritage significantly. These contemporary 21st keys are a new and updated version of the rustic Maori traditional keys. 

Some people still prefer authentic Maori wooden carving keys over modern ones. A 21st key showcases a traditionally rich culture that is still being closely followed in New Zealand. Just like their culture, it also depicts that New Zealanders are adaptive, unique and prideful of their rich heritage. 

Significance of a Maori 21st Key 

Characterised by their distinctive carvings and structures, these keys hold immense spiritual importance as well. The original Maori Keys don’t always look like keys but represent the importance of this tradition perfectly. 

Maori culture is famously known for its three pillars –heritage, family, and community. These values represent a strong connection between a Maori tradition and its rich history. 

To gather the essence of this generous culture and the wisdom of Maori ancestors, this tradition is a big celebration for its followers. 

Stonex Jewellers keep a wide range of 21st keys in glass, mirror and wooden designs, to keep this tradition alive. Here we are dedicated to providing excellent services to all our patrons and catering to their needs. 

Whether it’s a present for a birthday, anniversary or a milestone achievement, Stonex brings you the best products in stock. Our collection will help you pick the best 21st key for gifting. With a variety of exclusive customisable 21st keys designs, we have curated the best collection for you. Take a look at these truly special gifts for your loved ones.