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Engagement Rings Ideas for Women 2024

We’ve curated the longest-relevant and timeless design ideas for your special day. Here’s a comprehensive guide to what’s hot in engagement rings for 2024.

Personalisation will be the most significant underlying trend next year, with anything from bright diamonds and custom layouts to hidden messages buried inside engagement rings. The following are the top engagement ring trends for 2024:

1. Gemstone Rings

In 2024, say farewell to clear diamonds and neutrals as we celebrate the return of colour. Injecting colour into your ring is a terrific way to display your personality.

‘Coloured stones are becoming increasingly popular. This originates from individuals continuously trying to go against a trend and push towards something different in order to develop a sense of individuality, which necessitates constant movement towards new trends.

‘However, while colour has hitherto coexisted peacefully with diamonds, sapphires are expected to steal the show this time. ‘While diamonds remain extremely popular, they are not suitable for everyone.Customers have expressed a strong preference for coloured sapphires and emeralds, particularly those in yellow and teal tones.’

Sapphires and other coloured gemstones make such distinctive and eye-catching engagement rings, allowing the client’s personality to come through and a feeling of originality in the design.’

2. Contemporary Trilogy

The trilogy ring, one of the more popular styles in 2023, is anticipated to remain popular in 2024. Trilogy rings, which feature a cluster of three stones positioned along the band, have long been a favourite for popping the question. 

‘Trilogy rings have long been popular as engagement rings, with each stone representing the past, present, and future. 

They are an excellent emotional choice for individuals looking for something with a touch of tradition.

Asymmetrical and multicoloured stones will be prominent in modern variants of the design.

3. Laboratory-Grown

All praise the laboratory-grown diamond. The lab produced sector has evolved dramatically in recent years, providing a more ethical alternative to conventionally mined diamonds (but maintaining the same high quality impact), so it was only a matter of time before they became a popular choice for wedding rings.

‘Many individuals choose lab-grown diamonds for their centre stones. These lab produced diamonds have the same chemical makeup as earth mined diamonds but can provide total comfort regarding your carbon footprint. 

It’s hard to discern the difference without modern technology, yet for the same price, you can have a considerably bigger central diamond with greater clarity, colour, and cut.

4. Asymmetry

Another departure from convention is the desire to propose with asymmetrically fashioned rings. 

The concept of a “traditional diamond engagement ring” has given way to people seeking distinctive bands that represent their individuality.

People are purchasing more whimsical, less conventional designs, and an asymmetric ring is a terrific way to achieve this since you can mix cuts and colours.’

5. Art Deco

Another engagement ring trend that will be popular in 2023 is the Art Deco design, which is distinguished by geometric shapes, strong lines, and vibrant colours. 

These elements will be more smoothly integrated into modern bands: ‘Many of our clients choose modern rings with Art Deco design elements such as unique diamond cuts or geometric designs. 

A popular bridal set at the moment has a delicate variation on a classic low-set with curved fit bands, as well as core natural diamonds in light yellow or champagne tones.’

6. Oval Diamonds

In terms of stone shape, oval continues to be a popular choice for 2024. This is the diamond cut of the moment. Because an oval cut provides a larger spread for the same carat weight as other stones, it makes your diamond appear larger on your hand. At Stonex Jewellers, we’ve got an amazing range of oval-cut diamonds since they are a relatively new cut that appeals to our younger Gen-Z couples.’

7. Toi-et-Moi

And what about the current celebrity ring? For the third year in a row, it has to be the Toi-et-Moi. It may seem apparent, but famous jewels do affect engagement ring trends. For example, after Emily Ratajkowski got engaged with a Toi-et-Moi style ring, demand for the design skyrocketed. Toi-et-Moi rings sold earlier, but not nearly as many as they do today.

8. Subtle Details

Personalisation and bespoke designs, with a focus on expressing facts about the couple, are also expected to be a major engagement ring trend in 2024. 

‘Storytelling is vitally essential to our engagement rings, and adding hidden touches, such as engraving, choice of stones and more which makes a traditional design completely unique.

‘Because we produce each engagement ring as part of a bespoke order, it allows us to change and tweak these hidden elements so it feels completely unique for the couple and their love story.’

Final Thoughts

As you plan your proposal for 2024, consider these evolving trends that promise a blend of tradition, innovation, and personalization. 

Whether it’s the vibrant allure of colored gemstones, the classic sentiment of trilogy rings, or the ethical appeal of lab-grown diamonds, there’s a trend to suit every style and preference. 

Explore, customize, and make your engagement ring as unique as your love story with Stonex Jewellers. With these insights, you’re poised to embark on a journey of timeless elegance and personalized romance.