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Elegance meets Purpose: Modern Watches you need in your Collection  

Collecting Watches is a one-of-a-kind hobby. People collect watches that suit their aura and style. In order to build a collection of premium watches, here’s some ideas for you. 

The ever-evolving industry styles contain brands like Casio, Citizen, Bulova, and more. We have just the right fit for you. These watches won’t just serve your purpose but also appeal to your taste. 

You should always choose a watch that has all the qualities you’re looking for. The design, the material, and the features must all align with your needs. Good news is– all top brands for watches are now available online at reasonable prices. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Casio fanatic or a Seiko collector, this guide is for you. 

Find out the best and latest top brand watches here

Wearing a branded watch is a symbol of pride. The craze for top brand watches is justifiable as shopping for men’s & women’s watches in NZ gets a boost. Watches endure sophistication and are a must-have wrist accessory. Here, we have a list of watches that we think might go best in your collection. 

  1. Shop for Casio Watches: Time and again, Casio watches have proved to become one of the most premium brand watches. They have redefined their worth with a blend of newborn design and multifunctionality. In modernity, Casio watches are the best ones yet. They are bold and pleasing to the eye. They are made with quality materials and are considered fashion-friendly. 
  1. Bulova Watches & their endless designs: Bulova has been long known for its evolution in the watchmaking industry. This brand is a pure blend of style and technology. The new Bulova watches come in impeccable designs and with modern functionality features. Shop these watches if you’re looking for something minimalist yet classic. 
  1. Classic Nixon Watches: Nixon watches are at the forefront of legacy watches that meet high standards. These watches are the best for a classic look that’s not too eye-catching. The speciality of these watches is to incorporate modern elements into timeless fashion. They believe simplicity is worth flaunting around. 
  1. Citizen Eco-Drive: This leading brand comes with class and royale. These are the most budget-friendly watches. That’s what makes them one of the most popular men’s watches in New Zealand. These watches deserve to go in your collection because of their versatility and formal yet chic look. These come in classic gold, silver and black colours. 
  1. Trendiest Seiko Watches: Seiko–the standout accessory for every trendsetter. Seiko watches are sophisticated and world class. From Conceptual solar powered watches to exclusive women’s watches, Seiko has carved a niche in the watches industry. These watches, without a doubt, will be the best choice for your watch collection. 

Branded watches are the best picks for your watch collection. If you’re considering online shopping then you may want to take a look at the Stonex Jewellers collection. Get ready to make your own watch collection in 2024. From luxe brands like Seiko to modern ever-evolving brands like Bulova, Stonex Jewellers has them all.