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Celebrating Moms & their Favourite Jewellery Pieces

As May is dawning upon us, Mother’s Day week is right around the corner. What should I give someone who already has everything? Maybe something thoughtful will reflect your admiration for her. Timeless Jewellery is the best choice, and we have the best ideas for you. 

It is hard to choose a piece of jewellery in this vast range of products flooding online. So, in this blog, we’ll help you look for the best-trending jewellery designs in New Zealand to surprise your mother with. Stonex Jewellers has the most appealing suggestions for you this Mother’s Day. 

Gold Rings

Gold Rings are a decent choice for Mother’s Day jewellery. It speaks out of your heart and shows your care for her. A simple ring can make all the difference as it depicts your love. Stonex Jewellers has over-the-top options for you to choose from and the best collection of gold rings for women. The ring suggestions fit almost all styles and budgets. They are easy to wear and can be easily incorporated into daily collections. Shop for a 9ct gold ring today with guaranteed quality and authenticity. 

Gold Earrings 

Simple gold hoop earrings or drop earrings sparkle when worn. That is the definition of classy. Gold stud earrings are lately on the go. These earrings come in a variety of colours and designs. Gifting them to your mom will be a great choice. Gold earrings are trendy and sophisticated. Make sure to take a look at the collection at Stonex Jewellers and choose from the best in hand. 

Dress Rings 

No matter what her style is, a dress ring will surprise your mom the most. These are ready-to-wear daily designer rings that go with almost every outfit. For dresses, jeans, skirts, and gowns, these ladies’ dress rings will be one of the classiest picks. This Mother’s Day, make it your priority to make your mom the happiest person there is.

Gold Chains & Necklaces

There’s nothing that will say ‘I love you, Mom’ better than a simple gold chain. Gold chains are always a pleasing gift. They are meaningful, and they always show determination. Buy the best gold chains and necklaces from Stonex Jewellers New Zealand. Carry the bag of joy with you and order now from the guaranteed premium quality gold collection. 

Gold Chain Bracelet 

Bracelets are the perfect addition to your mom’s jewellery collection. Gold chain bracelets are gracious. With simplicity and style, gold chain bracelets are worn with sophistication. Not only is it easy to maintain this piece of jewellery, but it’ll be easier for her to pair it with any other timepieces. She will love to match it with her outfits and other bracelets. 

Sterling Silver Chains 

It is always unique to add an extra layer of jewellery while dressing up. That’s what makes silver chains a thoughtful gift. Sterling silver chains guarantee a quality possession. Perfect for parties, outings, and trips, this easy-to-handle jewellery is an amazing gift. Not only for your mother but for your sister or friends too.  

Silver Necklaces & Pendants  

Sterling silver necklaces and pendants carry great meaning. As a present to your mom, you need to select the one that matches her style. Pick out the best designs for your mom with bright gems and stones. At Stonex Jewellers, everything is accessible. With a broad collection of Sterling silver necklaces, it becomes too easy to choose. 

Silver Earrings 

Your mom will be delighted by the subtle shimmer of sterling silver earrings. These are freshly designed and can be worn with any other piece of silver jewellery. This selection will show her how unique and wonderful she is. For a trendier look, you can get a sleek design that looks simple and minimalist. Search for the right fit on Stonex Jewellers and surprise her. 

Pearl Jewellery 

Ideal for your mother to wear on any occasion, celebrate her with the best Pearl jewellery. These come in South Sea pearls, pearl drop earrings, and gold pearl jewellery. Get the ultimate collection of the best gold pearl jewellery in New Zealand at Stonex Jewellers. 

Get Amazing Mother’s Day Gifts in New Zealand 

In the spirit of giving Mother’s Day gifts, look out for the best designs and collections with Stonex Jewellers. Whether it’s a gold chain, stud earrings, gold hoops, or bracelet, we’re sure she will love whatever you give her. The aim is to make sure she knows that you care. So, commemorate and dedicate this day to her with perfection. 
May this Mother’s Day be filled with love and warmth. So wrap your gift and get ready to surprise your mom with her favourite jewellery. Get a bouquet or a box of chocolate and a greeting card in your handwriting. Remember that it’s not the items that you buy for her, but the love and affection that they carry. It symbolizes everything that makes your mom special.