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Birthday Alert: What To Gift Your Bestie On Their Special Day

Birthdays mark a prominent occasion in your and your bestie’s lives. Every year, you intend to outdo yourself with a unique, jaw-dropping gift for your BFF. 

This time too, you don’t want to leave any stone unturned; if it were possible, you could gift the moon and the stars, or perhaps settle for that gold diamond ring they’ve got their eyes on. Your love for your besties knows no bounds, and there’s so much you want to do for them. 

For their birthday, why should things be any different? However, as each year passes and your bond gets stronger than ever, gifting options seem to dwindle. 

Well, this doesn’t have to be like Mission Impossible. We’ve put together some options to end the struggle of finding the perfect birthday gift for your best friend. Let’s read on, shall we?

Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Bestie: Explore Our Collection of Jewellery, Watches & More

1. 21st Keys 

Although 21st Keys are a one-time gift, marking a 21st birthday with a gift like this would be the perfect start. We’ll be completely honest with you; you might not be the only one thinking of getting a 21st-key gift. 

Your bestie may have loving and adoring relatives who may have already put their hands on a 21st key. Since you’re that irreplaceable person in their life, your gift needs to resemble that. 

Pro tip: Choose from wooden or glass 21st keys that are designed elaborately. Choose a unique picture that you might have taken of them, or a custom sketch/digital art that impersonates your BFF. Also, don’t forget to add an engraved message — which will eventually make the 21st key stand out.

Check out our Glass 21st keys & 21st wooden key collections. 

2. Wristwatch 

Watches are a universal fashion accessory. Anyone who says they’re too cliché either doesn’t like watches or isn’t well aware of their bestie’s preferences. Watches are always embraced with much more warmth than other gifts; here’s why 

  • In the case of a branded wristwatch for men and women, watches are considered thoughtful and exclusive, provided that watch resonates with your best friend’s style statement.
  • A watch serves practicality as its basic purpose. It can be worn for years to come, making it a durable accessory.
  • If your bestie is a watch person, you can get them a timepiece that reflects their status symbol. 

All in all, a watch can save the day if you’re juggling between other gift options. Just make sure to buy them a watch that doesn’t deliberately speak about your investment, but rather the thought behind it. 

Browse our Vintage Casio Watches , a Guess watch and an exclusive timepiece from Seiko.

3. Sterling Silver & Gold Necklaces 

Jewellery is usually a no-brainer for birthdays. Since you’re not just another person in your bestie’s life who would have thought of giving them jewellery, you’d need to level up your game.

You can find a lot of personalised faux gold necklaces these days — names, photos & zodiac signs, which can do quite a favour. Here’s when a lot of people fall for the trap. 

The metal used in artificial necklaces isn’t mostly hypoallergenic. Its colour may come off sooner. Worse, it may cause skin problems in the future. A gift that keeps on giving, but not in the way you wanted.

This is why Sterling Silver bracelets for women and men are just what you need. If you’re willing to upgrade to even premium pieces, Gold won’t let you down. Choose from chunky or minimalistic, sleek necklaces that they’ll wear every day and thank you subliminally for it.

Also, check out our New Zealand Greenstone TOKI with Sterling Silver Cap and Oval Belcher Chain.

4. Matching Bracelets

What’s better than a pair of matching bracelets? From our personal experience, a 925 Silver bracelet can make a unique gift, especially if your best friend loves to wear bracelets. 

You can get a matching pair for you and your BFF which will add more significance to the gift. 

Talking about bracelets, our chunky curb link bracelets are a magnificent choice for men and a heart padlock one for girls and women.

5. Pearl Earrings

If your bestie is a cancer baby, go for pearl jewellery. Not only is it the perfect gemstone for cancer, but it also counts as one of the most thoughtful gifts. 

Pearls have been a classic status symbol for centuries. Real pearl jewellery is treasured for years and can be worn every day, sustaining scratches and damage. You can choose from pearl earrings studs, a delicate pearl necklace, or a dainty ring. 

However, if you wish to explore more inexpensive options, faux pearls have got your back. They exhibit nearly the same sheen and allure as pearls at a fraction of the price. 

Faux gold pearl jewellery can be worn on special occasions and requires little maintenance.

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