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Best Engagement Rings for Him & Her: Celebrating Love’s Perfect Pairing

The Best Dress – check

RSVP invites – check 

The perfect venue – check

It feels amazing to be on track, especially for your big day. Guess being good at planning pays off at your big day. 

Yet, in case you’ve missed out, we’d love to remind you.

Have you selected your engagement rings yet? If not yet, this blog is for you. 

As your big day draws nearer, the need to get everything kicks in. From your accessories to bridal sets, we’ve got just the collection. 

Let’s get into it, shall we?

Choosing the Ideal Engagement Ring

Selecting the best value engagement rings requires careful consideration of various aspects to ensure it resonates with the wearer’s style and preferences.

1. Style and Design

The style of an engagement ring sets the tone for its overall aesthetic. Each person has a unique style preference, so considering classic designs, modern and contemporary styles, or vintage-inspired aesthetics is crucial.

2. Materials

The choice of material for an engagement ring is essential for both its appearance and durability. Traditional gold or platinum, white gold or rose gold, and even gemstone accents offer a wide array of options. In engagement rings for couples, the most preferred material is Gold, even though some also choose to go by Silver.

3. Personalisation

Personalisation adds a special touch to the engagement ring. Engraving initials or significant dates, opting for custom designs that narrate a unique love story, or selecting birthstones can make the ring truly special.

The Perfect Engagement Rings for Her

The engagement ring for women is a representation of love, commitment, and her unique style. Here are some popular choices.

1. Solitaire Rings

Solitaire rings are timeless and elegant, making them a top choice for many. They emphasize the center diamond or gemstone, allowing its beauty to shine through. This Princess Cut Solitaire ring is an excellent choice for those who love simplicity shining through a perfectly carved finger-piece.

2. Halo Rings

Halo rings feature a center stone encircled by smaller diamonds or gemstones, creating a dazzling and impactful look. They add a touch of glamour and make the center stone appear larger. This Halo ring is a sheer beauty made with Amethyst and cubic Zirconia, crafted in 9ct Yellow Gold. Halo rings are simply stunning and if you find yourself confused between options, you might land on one of these for your big day.

3. Three-Stone Rings

Imagine the harmony of three unique and stunning stones embedded in a small ring, made only for your beautiful hands. That’s right — these three-stone rings symbolise the past, present, and future of a relationship. They offer versatility in stone shapes and sizes, allowing for a unique and personalized design. 

For those looking for unique diamond engagement rings, this three-stone diamond ring will catch your eye. A bigger diamond sitting at the centre with two smaller diamonds, 0.40 carat each in 18ct Gold is a choice not to miss!

Classic Engagement Rings for Him

Engagement rings for men have evolved over the years, with various styles now available beyond the traditional plain band. Here are some options:

1. Classic Bands

Most men prefer to go timeless and minimalistic when it comes to engagement rings and gold wedding bands. Even though it’s an unpopular opinion, the more minimalistic the better. A simple design allowing for personalization based on individual preferences.

Our collection of engagement bands and wedding rings is made for men with a unique taste. With effortless designs such as the Diamond Cut and polished rings make for the best range to choose from.

2. Inlaid Rings

Inlaid rings incorporate unique materials like wood, meteorite, or carbon fiber into the design. This adds a distinctive touch to the classic band, appealing to those seeking something different. Stylish Ziro Black Zirconium rings are classic inlaid rings with a strong metal base like 9ct Gold and Zirconium inlay.

3. Signet Rings

Signet rings have made a comeback in men’s jewellery. Unlike other rings, these are solid Gold or Sterling Silver rings that feature an embedded stone, giving it a striking semblance. 

Finding the best value engagement rings for him is all about considering your partner’s style and preferences. These Signet Rings crafted in Sterling Silver and 9ct Gold are a classic choice for men’s engagement rings. 

Plan Ahead for Your Big Day: Best Engagement Rings Online

In the journey of love, the choice of an engagement ring is a significant and symbolic decision. 

Finding the perfect ring that resonates with both partners is a beautiful celebration of their unique bond and commitment. 

When it comes to engagement rings, the choices available can be overwhelming. The perfect ring is a blend of style, material, personalization, and, of course, value for money. 

At Stonex Jewellers, we have an extensive collection of engagement rings, including unique diamond engagement rings and options for both men and women. 

Stonex Jewellers ensures you celebrate this significant milestone with a token of love that’s as precious and unique as your relationship. 
Here’s to a lifetime of love and happiness with the best engagement rings for women and men!