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Exploring the Influence of Watches in Fashion Trends

Wrist watches, be it for men or women, equally serve the same purpose that is time telling. This tool has yet evolved into something even bigger than the trends. They are now statement pieces that can elevate an outfit from ‘ordinary’ to ‘extraordinary.’ 

It’s been decades and watches are still one of the most standard things men always wear. Various styles and designs, watches are men’s favourite accessory. Although, the change in tastes and cultures makes a deep influence on it.

How have watches evolved over the years? How have they influenced the fashion industry and why? These are some of the questions that watch enthusiasts look up. With Stonex Jewellers, don’t just shop, but also explore the impact of watches on fashion trends– we’re as curious about our favourite accessories as you are. 

Iconic Brands of Watches in Fashion 

Watches have been around for centuries, with the first pocket watches emerging in style. Although people used them as a mere tool for time telling back then. However, it wasn’t until later that watches became a staple accessory in men’s fashion. 

The introduction of wristwatches revolutionised the way people told time. That impact was seen even on fashion. This made it more convenient and accessible. It has come to this, now we witness a sudden rise in trailblazing watch brands like Seiko, Guess, & Citizen. These brands have become synonymous with high-quality craftsmanship and style. 

Not just these brands but many others have now set the standard for watch design, with their iconic models. Men’s watches & women’s watches are a symbol of wealth and fashion now. 

Standard Men & Women Wristwatches 

The introduction of quartz watches had a significant impact on the fashion industry. Some say quartz watches are more precise and accurate than their mechanical counterparts.  This makes them even more accessible to a wider range of audience. 

Talking of branded watches, they come in various styles and designs. From sports watches to dress watches, they have covered everything in between. 

The leather strapped watches craze is another thing people can’t stop talking about. This has led to the rise of fashion brands entering the watch material market. 

The popularity of leather-strapped watches in the 1990s and 2000s influenced the design of handbags and belts, with many brands incorporating it into their designs. The influence is still going on.

Not just this, brands like Casio watches, Casio G-shock watches & more have introduced fashionable and reliable watches that appeal to the younger generation. These brands have collaborated with designers and artists to create limited-edition watches that became collector’s items or status symbols. 

The rise in the popularity of fashionable watches started with the bold and statement watchmaking. Watches like Alba by Seiko, Timex, & Maxum watches are some of the best examples of trending timepieces. 

The Best Digital Watches To Buy

Digital watches have made a significant impact on the fashion industry and nobody needs to prove that. Digital watches like Casio G-Shock & Nixon have become fashion statements in their own right by making best designs and serving time-based functionalities. 

The digital watch revolution has also led to a trend of minimalist, understated watches that prioritise ‘functionality over fashion.’ 

Not only these, casual men’s watches & trending ladies watches have also popularised various trends, offering sleek and affordable watches that appeal to a younger generation. 

The Future of Wristwatches in Fashion 

As we look forward towards much more precise modern watchmaking, some brands stand unmatched.  The models, designs and materials of several premium watches really make watch lovers around the world go out of control. But no matter how smart a watch is, the craze for vintage watches by Casio never fades away. 

Traditional watch brands will continue to adapt to changing tastes, incorporating materials based watches like stainless steel watches & PU Leather watches into their designs.

With Stonex Jewellers, adapt to changing styles & get more accessories to continue to evolve with the trends of the industry. In the world of fashion, whether you’re looking forward to owning vintage watches or modern smartwatches, Stonex is the place for you!