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How To Pick The BEST Accessories For Your Wedding 

Your wedding is one of the most important moments of your life.

We’re sure you’re looking forward to embarking on a new journey with the one you love. Afterall, it’s finally the day you two will unite and share your lives together. 

For a day that will be etched forever in your heart, you must be prepared with everything. 

From your dress and bridal sets to your shoes and wedding rings, everything must be *perfect*. Speaking of perfection, have you finalised your accessories for your big day?

If not yet, we’ll help you out. Explore our collection of wedding accessories including gold rings, necklaces, and much more as you read further. Let’s dive in.

Since there are several things to look out for when shopping for your wedding, choosing accessories plays a crucial role here. 

We’ve curated some suggestions to get you started, along with our picks for things that will make you sparkle on that particular day.

1. Balance is key

You may be in a daze for choosing gold or pearl jewellery for your wedding. Sometimes, you may come across too many good options, or nothing at all. 

Here, the phrase “elegance is simplicity” could never be truer. The more details you try to add to your ensemble, the more complicated it may become. Thus in this case, less is more.

The rule of thumb is to strike a balance with dress and your jewellery. Your accessories should be simpler if your wedding gown has beading, embroidery, or other intricate elements – in a way that they don’t overpower your gown. On the other hand, if you go with a simple dress, pick bold and more noticeable jewellery.

  • Choose a simpler necklace if the wedding dress’ ornate neckline. 
  • Leave the bracelet at home if the gown has long sleeves. 
  • If your gown is created using a specific theme, your jewellery should be distinct from the overall design.

A perfect example of balance would be to pay attention to your rings. If there aren’t enough or there aren’t enough sparkles, it will look tacky or bland.

That is why a diamond rings and wedding bands are often worn together; besides shining in harmony, they also signify a promise of a lifetime of dedication.

Our Pick: Choose Stylish Wedding Rings & Bands for Your D Day

Here are some suggestions of eye-catching yet wedding rings NZ:

10ct Yellow Gold Diamond Cluster Engagement/Promise Ring  and 9ct Yellow Gold Wedding Band

The sparkling stars in the night sky inspired the mystic Diamond cluster ring. Embellished with emerald shaped Halo 0.10ct diamonds, it’s a symbol that embodies both wonder and hope. 

Combining these two rings gives the sense that the bride would experience hope and good fortune in marriage, fulfilling her wish. 

9ct Yellow Gold Diamond Cluster Ring and 9ct Yellow Gold Wedding Band

This 0.25ct Diamond ring is a classic. The style of solitaire engagement rings has always stayed in style, unlike other engagement rings whose trends change. It gives four times the splendour thanks to the four diamonds.

These pavé stones sparkle, highlighting the centre stone and highlighting the ring. Additionally, the circular ring is significant because a circle has neither a beginning nor an end.

When these two rings are worn together, the wearer is the object of endless affection. Furthermore, the bride’s beauty appears to last forever because these rings may catch the light and draw attention to her.

9ct Gold 2 Piece Wedding Set with Cubic Zirconia Setting

This 2 piece ring set is famous thanks to its exquisite and classic design, accentuating the centre stone through the four prongs.

This ring is the ideal representation of enduring love. An eternity ring signifies that love is strong and everlasting because the ring is round, which stands for eternity, and diamonds stand for love.

2. Wear a Statement Piece

You are not required to wear all the jewellery on the list, whether you purchase your pieces individually or as a set. As previously discussed, it can ruin the overall appearance and remove the effect produced with just one piece of jewellery.

For instance, if your necklace is intricately made, use tiny stud earrings or skip the earrings altogether. 

Make an effort to incorporate any prominent motifs or embellishments sewn on your gown into the overall aesthetic. Reduce the bling on the necklace if your waistband or the sash of your dress is beaded.

Because there are no competing pieces for attention, a single standout piece of jewellery can be stylish. Therefore, it will be effective since it will catch everyone’s attention.

3. Think Beyond the Wedding Ceremony

You can wear your wedding jewellery after the ceremony, but not your wedding gown. Remember this when making your accessory selections because it’s okay to splurge a bit on your wedding jewellery.

Invest in your favourite jewellery that you can imagine yourself wearing again rather than selecting experimental pieces to avoid last-minute inconveniences.

Consider purchasing jewellery with your favourite designs or diamonds. Even your “something new” for the wedding could be this. Finally, jewellery is a wonderful heirloom to leave your children. Jewellery like gold bracelets and necklaces are typically free-size, making it more comfortable to wear than your wedding gown.

4. Choose your Necklaces Wisely

The dress neckline is one of the most important places where the jewellery should coordinate. Choosing the appropriate embellishment for your neckline style will instantly improve your appearance.

If the neckline is low-cut, such as sweetheart or strapless, almost any necklace design would look wonderful, including a bold necklace, a basic chain with a pearl pendant NZ, or a real pearl necklace

Dresses with illusion necklines often carry fancy neck designs. You might not need a necklace, but a small one can still work. For V-necks, a thin chain with a pendant looks great. Skip necklaces for halter dresses; focus on hair accessories and earrings.

5. Try to maintain your usual appearance

Your wedding day will be no different if you’ve always worn jewellery. But if you’ve always worn plain accessories, dressing up in jewellery on your wedding day will make you feel and look entirely different.

To spruce up, avoid experimenting or trying something brand-new on your wedding day.

To choose the most appropriate jewellery, think back to your most lovely experiences in the past. Consider the jewellery people have admired and seen on you in the past because this style will go with your look and make you look better. 

Finding the finest jewellery to complement your natural features is as simple as shopping for similar jewellery.

6. Match your jewellery appropriately

Even the most lavish weddings are not the time to display all of your precious possessions. The gemstones should be combined with care, like the metals in your accessories.

If you use fewer variations in your colour, style and design, you can ruin your looks rather than making you look your best. Try to stick with a single-coloured stone and select similar patterned jewellery.

For instance, mixing pink and white pearls in different areas of your ensemble or wearing gold necklaces and pearls on the bracelet may not look as you planned.

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When preparing to celebrate your love in style, it’s essential to try on both the wedding jewellery and the dress beforehand. You should take your accessories to the dress fitting appointment for convenience.

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