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Emerging Trends in the Ethical Jewellery Design Realm

It’s 2024 and jewellery designs have evolved with changing times. The eternal love and devotion that these jewellery pieces contain is greater than any emotion. From exquisite diamond jewellery to sterling silver, every jewellery is up for grabs. 

Women & men look out for minimalist jewellery that go along with the trends of today’s vogue. Just like a diamond dazzling pendant or a gold chain bracelet, you cannot resist this fashion wave. As we move forward in 2024, we find ourselves fathoming for more new trends in the market. The 21st century trends are at their topmost demands these days. From diamond jewellery to gold stud earrings, Stonex Jewellers has it all. Here you can find gemstone embedded rings and pendants at best prices. 

Want to shop jewellery that has the trendiest styles in NZ? Discover the premium collection of gold, silver, and Pearl Jewellery here but first let us guide you through the emerging trends in the ethical jewellery design realm. 

  1. Layered Necklace: Silver Layered Necklaces are made for everyday wear. They are modern and chic. These necklaces are very popular in today’s fashion world because they go with almost every outfit. These layered necklaces are made from sterling silver and are perfect for every occasion. 
  1. Bracelets & Bangles: Among these emerging trends is bracelets & bangles. These are very dainty and beautiful. Wearing a bracelet is a personal choice although there are many ways to style them. Bangles are graceful and minimalist. Gold bangles are very trending nowadays. 
  1. Jumbled Earrings: Mix match earrings are in fashion today. You can try and mix match stud earrings, hoops, and danglers to create a new look. Silver earrings NZ go along with any other earrings and look fabulous. 
  1. Breezy Anklets and Toe Rings: Create your own summer vibes with the toe rings and anklets. This look is trending at the top right now. All you have to do is shop for sterling silver anklets and toe rings to own it. 
  1. Silver necklaces & jewellery: Sterling silver jewellery is versatile. These necklaces are so pleasing that they can be worn on multiple occasions in more than one way. Necklaces often transform your look into graciousness. Acquire this look for something simple yet elegant. 
  1. Hair Adornments: Hairstyle defines your entire look. If you have a simple look, a nice hairstyle can transform it into something bold. The most important part of any hair styling is its accessories. Silver trinkets and pins look great on hair, especially if going for a wedding or a party. 

Enhance your style with Stonex Jewellers

These emerging jewellery trends offer endless possibilities of expressing your style. Whether you seek a formal look or a party glance, Stonex Jewellers NZ has the best trending jewellery collection for you. 

With sterling silver earrings, gold stud earrings, gemstone rings, and gold chains, we have got your back. Curate your diverse fashion preferences with Stonex Jewellers. Get amazing silver and gold jewellery for men & women and enjoy exciting offers. Shop the best sterling silver jewellery, watches, pearl jewellery and more.